Chardonnay (2021) 14,5% vol

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  • Chardonnay is the world’s favourite white wine and certainly the Hadjiantonas Chardonnay is popular. The wine is a rich dry white with a distinctive straw colour and bouquet of apples, pears and tropical fruits with a classic buttery taste. Chardonnays vary tremendously as the grapes are affected by the soil and climate. Chardonnay grapes are plentiful on the vine but mustn’t be ‘over cropped’ as this leads to a bland tasting wine. The grape is small and thin-skinned so the grapes and the wine must be treated carefully from harvest to bottle! The Hadjiantonas Chardonnay is made only from free running juice from the grapes without pressing and is aged in oak barrels for three months which produces a wonderful wine with rich aromas. Matching food with Chardonnay has to be done with care as it has a delicate flavour that can be swamped by the powerful taste of some foods. Chardonnay is the perfect accompaniment to crab, oysters, smoked salmon and sushi. Chicken, pork and shrimps also match well, especially if they have been cooked in a delicious creamy sauce.
  • Ένα πλούσιο ξηρό λευκό κρασί με ένα ξεχωριστό αχυρένιο χρώμα και άρωμα μπουκέτου από μήλα, αχλάδια και τροπικά φρούτα, με κλασική βουτυρώδη γεύση.Το Chardonnay είναι το τέλειο συμπλήρωμα για καβούρια, στρείδια, καπνιστό σολομό και σούσι. Ταιριάζει επίσης με κοτόπουλο, χοιρινό και γαρίδες, ειδικά αν έχουν μαγειρευτεί με μια νόστιμη κρεμώδη σάλτσα

Περιέχει θειωδη
Contains sulphites

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